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Wasp Nest Exterminator

Bee Removal HumaneAs the weather begins to warm and you break out the outdoor furniture, you might be noticing that a few wasps’ nests are already popping up around your property. If you’re like most people, wasps’ nests are not a welcome sight. Wasps can be terrifying for the majority of us, but for those with wasp and bee allergies, spotting a wasps’ nest can cause a stressful situation to turn much more serious. When you find a wasps’ nest or see wasps around your property more frequently than you’d like, don’t hesitate to contact Eco Tech’s Minneapolis, MN wasp nest exterminators. With our traditional and organic wasp and wasp nest exterminator treatments, we’ll keep your property safe throughout the year. Whether it’s your commercial or residential property, you can rest assured we’ll completely remove any wasps’ nests we find, ensuring that your wasp problem is eliminated.

Non-Toxic Wasp Sprays

If you’ve ever had a wasp problem on your property before, you know that the chemical sprays used to exterminate wasps and wasps’ nests can be hazardous to you, children, and pets. Often times, you’ll have to vacate an area of your property for a matter of hours – if not longer – just to escape the chemicals used on a wasps’ nest. However, one of the many benefits of working with Eco Tech is that you’ll have the choice of traditional or organic, nontoxic wasps’ nest treatments, which are safe for you, children, and pets! That means that when you’re trying to get rid of the wasps in your home or business, we don’t have to get rid of you (or anyone else around) in the process!

Emergency 24-Hour Wasps’ Nest Removal

While not every situation calls for emergency extermination services, wasps’ nests are something that many people fear – and for good reason. Being stung by wasps is unpleasant, at best, and when you have an allergy to wasps, or you’re stung multiple times by wasps, you’ll understand the need to have a wasps’ nest removed as quickly as possible. We understand that need, and that’s why we provide 24/7 emergency wasps’ nest extermination services, ridding your property of wasps’ nests as quickly and safely as possible to avoid any negative consequences that could arise from letting wasps live on your property for too long.

Commercial and Residential Expert Wasp and Wasp Nest Exterminators

Whether it’s your home or your business, protecting everyone on your property from the dangers of a wasps’ nest is important. Especially for commercial properties, though, when you don’t know who might be allergic to wasps, it’s imperative that you call in an expert wasps’ nest exterminator as soon as possible. At Eco Tech, our Minneapolis, Minnesota wasps’ nest exterminators will be there to make your property safe again whenever you call. To contact us today, call our regular services numbers, 612.237.8282; 952.881.6662; 651.633.8600, or 763.785.1414, or call 763.232.7296 for emergency wasps’ nest removal service.

Insect Extermination Company

Ant Exterminator MNHave you ever had friends or family over for a gathering at your Minneapolis, MN home and an unexpected insect made an appearance at the party? Obviously, the insect wasn’t on the guest list, and chances are your friends or family were creeped out! At EcoTech, we are a local insect extermination company that will help ensure that no insects will show up at any of your get togethers in the future!

Natural Insect Control

There is a lot of competition in the insect extermination industry around Minneapolis. What sets our company apart from our competition is that we take a natural approach to insect control. Taking the organic approach to insect control gives our customers the peace of mind that their kids and pets will not be harmed by any of our applications. Additionally, those other animals outside your home that you are not trying to get rid of will not be harmed if they come into contact with these insects.

Ample Experience

At EcoTech, our extermination specialists have more than 50 years of combined experience. So, you can bet that we have come into contact with just about every type of insect that calls Minneapolis home. Through our experience, we’ve been able to master the insect extermination process and also take the necessary steps to keep the insects away in the future!

Common Insects

Many of the insects that we are called to get rid of in Minneapolis homes include:
● Ants
● Beetles
● Box Elder Bugs
● Crickets
● Earwigs
● Fleas
● Grubs
● Lice
● Millipedes
● Roaches
● Silver Fish
● Spiders
● Bees

How it Works

At EcoTech, we have a proven process when it comes to insect extermination that is easy on the customer and effective. This 4 step process includes:
1. Pick up the Phone – Our team doesn’t know about your insect issue until you pick up the phone and give our team a call. We’ll set a convenient time for one of our experts to stop by and even offer 24 hour service if it’s an emergency.
2. Inspect – Once we arrive, a thorough inspection of your entire home will be performed to ensure that all of the insects are identified. Our extermination specialist will come up with an effective plan and provide you with an affordable quote.
3. Exterminate – Now the important process begins. Our natural insect extermination application will be applied in the affected areas so that all of the insects inside your home will be gone.
4. Prevention – Our team doesn’t stop once we’ve gotten rid of the insects in your home. Next, we provide you with prevention measures to ensure that these unwanted insects do not return to your home in the future!

So, if you’ve recently hosted a party at your Minneapolis, MN home and have been embarrassed by unwanted insects that showed up unexpectedly, our team at EcoTech can help! Team up with our experienced and affordable insect extermination team and let us provide you with natural insect control. Give us a call today at (763) 785-1414 and we’ll set up a time to come inspect your home for unwanted insects.

Wasp Removal MN

Wasp Removal MNHave you had enough of wasps that have built a nest on or near your property or home? If you’ve been dealing with dodging the wasps that fly to and from their nest outside your home or business, it’s time to call in the wasp removal experts in MN.  At Eco Tech, the top Minnesota natural pest control and pest removal service, we use an all-natural method to remove wasps in order to keep you safe in more ways than one.

The Problem With Wasps

You might have noticed a wasp nest up high on the exterior of your home or building. Maybe you’ve seen them buzzing around outside areas where you like to spend your time. Some bees are known to build nests underground, and surprising them while doing yard work, or having your kids or pet innocently play near their underground nest can be very dangerous.  While you may think you’re safe from wasps, especially when they live higher up, there are important facts you should know about wasps.

Wasps Can Sting!

Not only are wasps nests unsightly, but the wasps themselves pose a threat as they have the ability to sting. Some species of wasps are aggressive and will sting when provoked or threatened. Wasps are capable of stinging multiple times, unlike honey bees. There’s no need to allow wasps to threaten your safety, call Eco Tech for safe, natural wasp removal services in MN.

Natural Wasp Control In Twin Cities Metro Area

When you contact Eco Tech to tackle your wasp problem, our professional team member will inspect your problem area. Once we’ve identified your wasps and the location of their nest, we will formulate an effective treatment plan that includes safe removal of the wasps and we’ll keep them from returning.

Natural Wasp Spray Treatments In Twin Cities Metro Area

Are you looking for a natural pest control for wasps in the Twin Cities Metro area? Our products are not harmful to the environment, which means your kids and pets can continue to safely play and spend time outdoors, with no threat of poisonous chemical sprays.

Learn More About Natural Pest Removal In MN

If you are having a problem with wasps in the Twin Cities Metro area and you’d like an inspection of your business or home, contact us today by calling 763-785-1414, or click here to complete our online contact form.

Wasps Exterminator Minneapolis

Wasps Exterminator MinneapolisIt happens every year, the warm, beautiful summer weather in Minneapolis comes and brings the stinging insects along with it. If wasps are getting in the way of your summer fun, then you’ll want to take care of them right away. One problem with wasps is that they can become quite aggressive and have the ability to sting multiple times. On top of all this, wasps can signal other nearby wasps to come and assist them in their attack.  So while their nest might be located high up and away from your action, don’t take the chance with these aggressive pests. Eco Tech will send out a trained wasp exterminator to rid your home or business of wasps and their nests so you can truly relax and enjoy your yard this summer.

Need Help To Get Rid Of Wasps?

If your home or business is being invaded by wasps, hiring a professional pest control team will be the quickest, easiest, and safest way for you to get rid of them. When wasps are coming into your home or business, don’t bother with trying to locate the nest yourself, call the experts in MN wasp extermination. Professional wasp extermination in Minneapolis is just a phone call away with Eco Tech who will locate the wasp nest, and remove wasps from the interior and exterior of your home or business. When you rely on Eco Tech for the most effective, non toxic wasp treatment in Minneapolis, you have the assurance that the wasps will be eradicated from your home or building, while your family, pets, yard, home, and business, are safe from all the harmful chemicals that most large pest exterminators are using. Non toxic wasp extermination is available and we can’t think of a safer or more effective way to exterminate wasps from your home or business.

Remove Stinging Insects From Your Home Or Business

Not sure if what you’re seeing is a wasp, hornet, or yellowjacket? Whichever of the three stinging pests you’re dealing with, you can be sure it is aggressive! Don’t take the chance of being stung by one, or an entire nest of stinging insects, call the pros at Eco Tech where you’ll have a choice of natural or traditional methods of wasp nest removal and our 24/7 service. After we’re done, you won’t have to worry about every step you take outside and if something is hovering right behind you. Call us today at 763-785-1414 to schedule a convenient expert wasp exterminator appointment.

Bee Extermination and Nest Removal Minneapolis

Wasp NestsBees are extremely active this time of year.  They buzz all around us at the park, on the baseball and soccer fields and even in our own lawns.  They look for the perfect place to nest and then they are extremely difficult to get rid of.  If you have a bee or wasp problem on your commercial or residential property, call Eco Tech, a leading Minneapolis Pest Control Company for assistance. Our team can locate and eliminate bees and wasps at the source — their nest, so that you do not have to battle them all summer long.

Eliminating Bee And Wasp Nests

Gutters and fascia are perfect nesting spots for bees and wasps and provide an easy entryway into your home. Stop these pests in their tracks this season with the help of the bee and wasp exterminators at Eco Tech.  No more worrying about getting stung or about a potential allergy for a loved one or guest in your home.  Killing these pests one at a time does not get rid of the problem, only eliminating their nests will solve it.  Our experienced team of exterminators know how to handle bees, wasps and their nests.

All Natural Minnesota Pest Control Company

Eco Tech is a natural pest control services company that uses a non toxic product line to get rid of these pests.  This product will only kill the bees and wasps and will not harm you, your kids or your pets.  With 50 years of combined experience in the pest control business, we keep current with all industry advancements, and we are familiar with the pests that inhabit the Minneapolis, MN area.  Not only can we eliminate a current bee and wasp problem, but we can also prevent future problems in and around your home.

Superior Customer Service And No Contracts

We take pride in our customizable insect programs and strive to provide strong customer service to each of our clients. We offer a 4 year warranty on our work and have received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  One thing that sets us apart from our competition is that we do not force annual contracts on our customers.  As a result, you can be confident that you are not paying for services that you do not need.  So, if there are bees and wasps buzzing around your property this season, take care of them once and for all.  Call Eco Tech now at 763-785-1414.

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